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On September, 2-8nd, 2007 a scientific research institute "Crimean Astrophysical observatory " of the Ministries of Education and Sciences of Russia spends Scientific conference to item Nauchny - "The Variable and Active Sun".

The main goal of this conference is to discuss the recent progress in our understanding of the solar variability and activity on various spatial and temporal scales, from flares and impulsive localized events to global-scale cyclic and evolutionary changes. The conference will review recent observational results from ground-based observatories and space missions (SOHO, TRACE, RHESSI, Hinode, STEREO), discuss links between observations and theories, and plans for future coordinated observations (including new large solar telescopes and space missions SDO, Picard, Solar Orbiter, CORONAS) and theoretical modeling. The scientific program includes a broad range of topics: global properties, interior structure and helioseismology; wave and oscillations in the atmosphere and corona; small- and large-scale magnetic fields; flares, transients and CMEs; solar wind, heliosphere, and space weather effects.

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