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The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO) is one of the largest research centers in Ukraine and continental Europe. It was founded just after Second World War and was the first major observatory of Soviet Union.

Now CrAO has 5 departments: Solar Physics, Physics of Stars, Extragalactic Research & Gamma-Ray Astronomy, Radio-Astronomy and Experimental Astrophysics. There are optical and mechanical workshops, where astronomical instruments have been manufactured for both ground-based and space experiments. There are 350 employees including about 90 scientists in the CrAO. The main research interests are: solar activity, helioseismology, structure and chemical composition of stellar atmospheres, stellar and solar magnetic fields, variable stars, extragalactic astronomy, cosmic-rays in Universe, planets and asteroids, geodynamics and laser location of satellites.

CrAO possesses equipment for astrophysical observations over a wide spectral range from gamma-rays to meter radio. The main part of the Observatory is located in Nauchny (about 12km SE from Bakhchisaraj) at an altitude of 600 meters. The largest telescopes are: the 2.6-m Shajn telescope, two 1.25-m telescopes, ground-based gamma-ray telescope GT-48 with the mirrors area of 54 m2, the 1.2-m Solar Tower telescope as well as a few other smaller instruments. The Department of Radioastronomy with its 22-m radio telescope for mm and cm radio waves is located at the foot of mount Koshka in Katsiveli (near Simeiz). One of CrAO's Departments - Simeiz station is located on mount Koshka at an altitude of 346 m and a distance of 3 km from the shore.

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