First announcement

On September 2-6, 2013 the Research Institute "Crimean Astrophysical Observatory" is holding the COSPAR Symposium "Cosmic magnetic fields: Legacy of A.B. Severny" in Nauchny, Ukraine.

Key topics:

  • New results of observations of cosmic magnetic fields from space and ground-based telescopes.
  • New methods of magnetic field diagnostics across the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Large- and small-scale solar and stellar magnetic fields, cycles of activity.
  • Chromospheric and coronal activity, solar and stellar flares.
  • Magnetic fields on galactic and inter-galactic scales.
  • Major space and ground-based observing programs.
  • Theoretical models and numerical simulations of magnetic phenomena.
  • History and future perspectives of cosmic magnetism studies.

Conference Fee:

  • 1000 UAH
  • 300 UAH for participants from CIS
  • 150 UAH for young scientists and students from Ukraine
Scientific Organizing CommitteeLocal Organizing Committee
Yuri Tsap (Ukraine) – Chair Alla Rоstopchina-Shakhovskaya
Alexander Kosovichev (USA) – co-Chair Olga Andryeyeva
Svetlana Berdyugina (Germany) Svetlana Artemenko
Dmitry Bisikalo (Russia) Dilyara Baklanova
Alexander Boyarchuk (Russia) Leonid Limorenko
Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino (Brazil) Valentina Malaschuk
Mikhail Demidov (Russia) Nikolay Pit'
Vladimir Efimenko (Ukraine) Yana Poklad
Vladimir Kuznetsov (Russia)
Nikolai Piskunov (Sweden)
Igor Savanov (Russia)
Natalia Shchukina (Ukraine)
Jurgen Staude (Germany)
Jan Stenflo (Switzerland)
Alexander Stepanov (Russia)
Natalia Stepanyan (Ukraine)
Yihua Yan (China)


To register please fill in the registration form.

Registration deadline is June, 15 2013


The conference schedule:

  • September 1 – Arrival, Welcome reception
  • September 2-5 – Scientific sessions and conference dinner
  • September 6 – Trip to Katsiveli
  • September 7 – Departure

The Conference proceedings will be published in the special issue of "Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory".

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