Crimean Astrophysical observatory
Ministries of Education and Sciences of Russia


First Announcement of the conference
“The Sun in Transition from Cycle 23 to Cycle 24“
June 8-14, 2008
Nauchny, Crimea, Russia

Dear Colleagues,

The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory invites you to participate in the conference “The Sun in Transition from Cycle 23 to Cycle 24”, which will be held at the Observatory, Nauchny, Russia, 8-14 June, 2008. The conference program will cover the wide range of topics of solar physics, including new results from the solar space missions and ground-based observatories, theoretical interpretations and modeling, and future plans for the next solar cycle.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

N.V. Steshenko (chair)
N.N. Stepanian (co-chair)
A.G. Kosovichev
R.I. Kostyk
V.A. Kotov
A.V. Stepanov

Local organization committee:

L.P. Limorenko (chair)
V.M. Malachshuk
K.A. Klodchik

Important dates and conference schedule:

March, 15 – Registration deadline

April, 1 – Abstract deadline

June, 8 - Arrival

June, 9-12 - Scientific sessions and closing dinner

June, 13 - Trip to Katsiveli (Radio-astronomy Department at the south coast of Crimea)

June, 14 - Departure

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Contact information:

E-mail: Malashchuk Valentina

   Stepanian Natalia

Fax: 8-10-380-6554-71004

Conference website:

The participants will be provided with hotel accommodation in Nauchny, three meals a day in the hotel dining-room, and a bus trip to Katsiveli.

Possible expenses of participants

(for one person in Ukranian grivnas in prices of November 15, 2007)


Registration fee

150 grn

Hotel accommodation per day

per person

For a room

Suite (double bed +sofa)

200+30 grn

Double room with bath (for single or shared use for 2-3-persons)

40-60 grn

120 grn

Hostel-style room for 5-7-person

20-25 grn

Conference Dinner

25 grn

Bus trip to Katsiveli

30 grn

Staying in Katsiveli after the conference in the observatory guest house (self-catering)

40 grn per day


1 USD corresponds to 5,0 grn,
1 RUR - 0,18 grn.



* Surname:______________________ First Name:________________________________

* Middle Name:____________________________________________________________________

* Place of work: ___________________________________________________________

*Postal address: __________________________ _________________________________

*City:___________________________ Country:_________________________________

*Postcode:_______________________ Phone:__________________________________

*Fax:____________________________ E-mail:_________________________________

*Number of accompanying persons: ____________________________________________

*Expected arrival date: ______________________________________________________________


*Staying  in Nauchny from  __________ to______________________________

*Desirable hotel room (see prices above):________________________________

*Trip to Katsiveli after the conference

a) for one day on June 13 _______persons

b) for __________ days from June 13 to June _____     _______persons


Abstract Form: *


List of authors:___________________________________________________________



Presentation type (oral/poster) ______________________________________________


*If you want to present more than one paper, please, complete this form for each separately.

Please, send the Registration and Abstract Forms by e-mail to:

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